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Let’s Get the Eagles a New Sound System!
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Have you been to a Central High Eagles football game lately? Central Eagle football has a history of success, championships, and hard-nosed football. Did you happen to notice the old and outdated sound system present at the stadium? What we don’t have a history in… is an awesome sound system at the stadium! Of course, the sound system at the stadium was a great setup – 20 years ago, but technology has come a long way since then and it’s time to upgrade!

Change Desired: An Energized Environment
Central High School Head Football Coach Trent Usher and FamilyNew head coach, Trent Usher, has stated that one of his desired changes is to create a new and energized environment on Friday nights. Obviously, this will depend on fans, the booster club, cheerleaders, the band, etc., but one way we can help create this environment is to put a new sound system in place. Yes, this is a big project to undertake, but it is one worth undertaking and would enhance the environment at the games and be enjoyed by everyone.

I’m posting this blog in hopes of helping get the word out about this project.

The Outdated System
Seriously, what year was the old system installed? It’s been a while. If you’ve been to a game lately then you know the sound system is not the greatest. If you’ve ever been inside the press box during the game then you may have seen how music is played… they literally play music on an iPhone and hold the microphone from the sound system up to the iPhone to get songs to be played over the loud speakers! So yes, we have room to improve.

The New System
We’ve reached out to multiple vendors and have settled on working with Verge Multimedia for the new system. Verge has provided a quote that entails removal of the old sound system, installation of the new sound system, and training on the system. The system has several components, but has 3 primary large speakers which will be placed on the press box. You can see the visuals from the proposal included below.

Envisioned Sound System at Central High School

Envisioned Sound System at Central High School

The bid total is $12,500. This amount has factored in a discount for 501 c3 Tax Exempt organizations since this will be working through the Football Club which is affiliated with the school.

Interested in more details Download the full proposal.

How You Can Help
Yes, this will take money, $12,500 to be exact. We are reaching out to former students, athletes, alumni, and local businesses in hopes of gaining the needed financial support for the new system. (So help us spread the word in all your social channels) The presence of the new system will reflect the support for the Eagles and sign of a community engaged with their local high school.

To contribute you’ll need to write a check or give cash to the Touchdown Club. These can be sent to the school or given to Courtney Usher. Please note that if you would like a receipt (for tax write-off purposes) we can provide you with one.

Want an official document on Central High School letterhead? Download the Fundraising Document

If you have questions or want more info on this just contact me on Twitter or here through my contact page or reach out to Courtney Usher on Facebook.

Help us take steps to restore the tradition of winning, success, and a great environment at Central

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