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A new job? at DNNCorp!
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I’d seen the job posting for the Sales Engineer role at DotNetNuke Corp for a while and thought that it seemed to be right up my alley. That is, until I got down to the part about the position being based out of San Mateo, California. I’m a Carolina boy through and through and don’t think I could survive without sweet tea! Not to mention that there’s no way the wife would move and I don’t believe you can hunt deer or catfish out there so it was a moot point to even think about it. I usually see Will Strohl tweet about the position, read the description, sigh, and then close the browser.   

Then a strange thing happened… it seemed there was an opportunity to work remote if I’d be willing to travel some. You can imagine when I learned about this that I got pretty pumped up about it and consequently assured the wife that she should be pumped about it too ;-)  After fixing my hair up, a trip to DNN HQ, and a few weeks later I’m now happy to announce that I've accepted a job at DNNCorp as a Sales Engineer! Along with my role as Sales Engineer I’ll also be doing some community evangelism.

After accepting the role I thought about my journey thus far with DotNetNuke and I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t thank several people and the DotNetNuke Community in general. If you care enough to read this post then you’re probably someone I should say thank you to… so thanks!

I've learned a lot about DNN over the past few years and much of my learning has stemmed from interactions with people online whether it’s on Twitter, a helpful blog entry that someone posted, or working through an issue on the forums or community exchange. In short I don’t think I’d have learned as much without the help, support, and encouragement from everyone in the DNN Community.

I’d specifically like to say thanks to a few individuals starting with Allen Foster. Allen has helped me out greatly along my way. Allen took me under his wing and continues to help me learn and grow. If Allen had never decided to revive the Charlotte based DotNetNuke user group then I’d never have been able to nag and mooch knowledge off people in the Carolinas and I probably wouldn't be writing this post. Will Strohl has always been a supportive, open ear willing to help me out as well as Will Morgenweck, Chris Paterra, and Chris Hammond have all gone out of their ways for me at some point. William Severance answered several of my forum posts way back when I was first trying to first figure things out which helped me to understand that there are people out there who want to help. This was my first glimpse into open source and the community behind DotNetNuke. Mitchel Sellers, Robb Bryn, Henry Kenuam, and Ryan Moore have all helped me out along the way too. I should also mention Armand Datema... Armand has helped me out by showing me the way with some really cool front-end stuff whether it be with JQuery, Form & List, or the DDR menu. I know that a great deal of my learning around DotNetNuke has only been possible through the relationships and graciousness of everyone in the community… so thank you!

I’m excited to be a part of the DotNetNuke team and hope to make a positive impact. Just when you thought I couldn’t tweet about DotNetNuke any more they go and offer me a job ;-)



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